Tile size:varying shapes/sizes per pack Tile thickness:approx 4mm thick
Tiles per m2:approx 5kgs
• High fire glazed ceramic, with scratch-resistant glaze.
• Suitable for outdoors.

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Walls, Kitchens, Bathrooms
• Hobby and art projects
Everyone loves a jigsaw and now making mosaics can be just as easy with our new ceramic puzzle pieces. High fired from premium clay with a frost and scratch resistant glaze so that they can be used inside and outside for all seasons. They are twice fired individually so that the edges are slightly cantered and smooth meaning no cuts or grazes for little hands. Each edge varies from 0.4cm to as long as 2cm. With a standard thickness of 4mm Jigsaw Ceramics can be combined with our soft glass puzzles to create interesting effects of depth and 3 dimensionality. 100g = +/- 90 pieces and covers an area of 13x13cm 1000g= +/- 900 pieces and covers 1/5 M2. 1M2= 5kg
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  1. Jigsaw - Everything Goes
    Jigsaw - Everything Goes
  2. Jigsaw - Green mix
    Jigsaw - Green mix
  3. Jigsaw - grey mix
    Jigsaw - grey mix
  4. Jigsaw - H01 Gold
    Jigsaw - H01 Gold
  5. Jigsaw - H02 Silver
    Jigsaw - H02 Silver
  6. Jigsaw - H03 Disco Lights
    Jigsaw - H03 Disco Lights
  7. Jigsaw - H1 Black
    Jigsaw - H1 Black
  8. Jigsaw - H101 Curry
    Jigsaw - H101 Curry
  9. Jigsaw - H13 Kiwi
    Jigsaw - H13 Kiwi
  10. Jigsaw - H14 Pesto
    Jigsaw - H14 Pesto
  11. Jigsaw - H142 Jade
    Jigsaw - H142 Jade
  12. Jigsaw - H16 Phthalo Green
    Jigsaw - H16 Phthalo Green
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