California Pebble

Tile thickness:6mm thick
Standard sheet:30x30cm Sheets per m2:11.1
Sheet weight:0.9 kg

• Glazed high fired ceramic tiles
• Mesh mounted for easy installation

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Walls, Floors, Pools, Kitchens, Bathrooms
• Architectural and hobby both indoor and outdoor
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  1. Agate Slice
    California Pebble - Agate Slice - Sheet
  2. Blue Danube
    California Pebble - Blue Danube - Sheet
  3. Cockleshell
    California Pebble - Cockleshell - Sheet
  4. Iceberg
    California Pebble - Iceberg - Sheet
  5. California Pebble - Mothwing - Sheet
    California Pebble - Mothwing - Sheet
  6. Retro Rock
    California Pebble - Retro Rock - Sheet
  7. Rock Garden
    California Pebble - Rock Garden - Sheet
  8. H13 Kiwi Pebble
    H13 Kiwi Pebble
  9. H14 Pesto Pebble
    H14 Pesto Pebble
  10. H171 Thalo Blue Pebble
    H171 Thalo Blue Pebble
  11. H19 Indigo Pebble
    H19 Indigo Pebble
  12. H401 Poppy Red Pebble
    H401 Poppy Red Pebble
  13. H43 Pretty Purple Pebble
    H43 Pretty Purple Pebble
  14. H6 Popsicle Orange Pebble
    H6 Popsicle Orange Pebble
  15. H71 Citrus Yellow Pebble
    H71 Citrus Yellow Pebble
  16. Rainbow Pebble
    Rainbow Pebble
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23 Items

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