15mm Starlight

This moulded transparent glass has metallic foil heat-bonded to the back to produce a vivid mirror-like reflective tile. As the colour of the glass is actually reflected it is both UV and frost proof. These tiles are 15x15mm each and there are 400 tiles on a sheet. This line is a reproduction based on Sicis Colibri but is much more affordable. The tiles may be cut, but care must be taken that the foil back is not damaged during cutting. Specifications: Tile size: 1.5x1.5cm (2.25cm2) Tile thickness: 3mm thick Standard sheet: 400 tiles, 33x33cm Sheets per m2: 9.4 Sheet weight: 0.800 kg Box: 20 sheets = 2.11 m2 • UVA and frost resistant • Vivid, reflected colour • Cuts easily with minimal shattering • Paper mounted Usages (include but are not limited to): • Walls, Floors, Pools, Kitchens, Bathrooms • Architectural and hobby both indoor and outdoor

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  • Gemini MJ01

    Gemini MJ01

  • Castor MJ02

    Castor MJ02

  • Aquila MJ13

    Aquila MJ13

  • Virgo MJ130

    Virgo MJ130

  • Sirius MJ132

    Sirius MJ132

  • Ursa Major MJ135

    Ursa Major MJ135

  • Pisces MJ16

    Pisces MJ16

  • Aquarius MJ20

    Aquarius MJ20

  • Lyra MJ25

    Lyra MJ25

  • Drago MJ26

    Drago MJ26

  • Bellatrix MJ31

    Bellatrix MJ31

  • Pleione MJ33

    Pleione MJ33

  • Pollux MJ37

    Pollux MJ37

  • Perseus MJ44

    Perseus MJ44

  • Cassiopeia MJ46

    Cassiopeia MJ46

  • Betelgeuse MJ47

    Betelgeuse MJ47

  • Hydra MJ67

    Hydra MJ67

  • Andromeda MJ82

    Andromeda MJ82

  • Kastra MJ87

    Kastra MJ87

  • Aries MJ96

    Aries MJ96

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20 Item(s)